I have been a long distance runner for over 14 years. I used to believe that running was my “thing”, what made me fit and made me happy. That was until I started training with Jess at Elite.  Jess creates an atmosphere of support, positivity, and tough love - everything an athlete needs to succeed.  And it rubs off on her athletes, the camraderie and support I feel from fellow athletes is unlike anything you would find in a bigger more impersonal gym setting. 

Elite training has changed my life in countless ways.  I have never felt stronger, more capable, or as physically fit than I do right now. Elite has taught me to push myself beyond my comfort zone, challenge my body and psyche further than they have ever gone, and do things I never thought possible. I will never say "I can't" ever again.

I still love to run, and an added bonus was shaving ten minutes off my last half marathon!

- Jess T.
Already in a fitness routine, I wanted a push beyond my limits, so I joined Elite after hearing all the great results others were having. It is by NO means easy but I love every thing about it! After just one month, I am already seeing results of more muscle definition and strength and that makes me extremely happy! Jess is an absolutely amazing trainer and coach. She and everyone else in ELITE training are incredibly encouraging and supportive of one another. It is such a great group to be a part of and I'm so grateful I got out of my comfort zone and made the decision to go for it! 
- Gail F.
If you have the opportunity to train with Jess, I URGE you to take it. She is very good at what she does. She will challenge you, she will push you, she will encourage you, she will motivate you,--- you will curse her :), --  but you will forever be BETTER for it.
- Adam S.
A new challenge with every WOD!  45 minutes of positive reinforcement, pushing limits and the joy of being surrounded by those with like minds!  Working out hard never felt so blissful! A true fitness community. Thanks for welcoming me into your "family".
- Jean K.

One thing that fitness trainers struggle with is finding balance between intensity (feeling like you are working hard - usually what the client wants) and functionality (making sure that the exercise is safe, correct and useful - usually what the trainer wants). You want the client to feel like they are getting a good workout, while secretly programming it so that they get all of the less sexy benefits of exercise too. Things like good posture, healthy joints and a strong heart. A lot of trainers out there are very good at just one or the other. For instance: I can make you work hard, just give me 1000 push ups. Go!

Jess Griffin, on the other hand, is a master of this balance. Training with her not only kicked my butt, but also worked my entire body safely and effectively. I would have loved to return for round two, but alas had to return to Australia instead.

And the fact that Jess is a lovely, caring, encouraging person helps balance the short term unpleasantness of the workout too.

- Kyle Wood
Instructor at See Change PT, Author, Founder of BootcampIdeas.com.

Six weeks in and I am addicted! I get butterflies on training day because I know I am looking forward to being challenged in ways I didn't know possible. I leave the Elite Shack feeling like I can accomplish anything. What's most impressive is the group of people--they show up to support each other, cheering and celebrating each other's victories.

- Shelly M.

Elite training has changed my life in such a positive way. Jess has created a supportive and encouraging environment. Not only are the workouts kick a$$, but the camaraderie, energy, laughs, and especially the results I've seen keep me going back week after week. I swear I was in shape before but this has transformed my body like nothing else. It's a workout on such a different level than I was used to. But the great part is there is a level for everyone no matter where you are starting from. Elite has become so much more to me than just a workout. Come, and you will understand why. True story. End quote.

- Nicole Howell
Certified Personal Trainer

I have a very demanding work schedule which for years has left me little or no time to workout leaving me both physically and psychologically "out of shape".  Upon the recommendation of my wife, I tried ELITE Training. I was worried at first since I am in my sixties but she convinced me that Elite is for all levels and all ages. It has become the answer to my concerns! 

The workouts are the most challenging and yet the most rewarding exercise I have ever done.  With the variety, I am working all of my muscle groups and feel stronger and healthier than any other time in my adult life. Each small group workout challenges me to push beyond my assumed limits in strength, and endurance - and it's all accomplished in less than an hour of my time. Perfect for a busy life! The mental and physical concentration required during the workouts and the euphoria after completion can only be compared to my years of playing organized team sports.  I would recommend this training regime to anyone who truly is searching for REAL results both physically and mentally.

- Rick C.

Those wall hand stands we did... what fun! I looked at you doing it and thought you were crazy but then when I was able to do it, I felt even stronger! Never would have tried on my own. It was such a cool feeling!

- Tina L.

I never played sports.  I tried tennis but I was lost on the court.  My volleyball serve was pretty good but that was the extent of it.  I turned to running, aerobics, and some weightlifting.  I enjoyed “working out” for years but never considered myself an athlete. Elite training changed that

Summer of 2011, I started training with Jess in her backyard.  It was the start of Elite and the beginning of my life as an athlete.  Elite offers high intensity workouts that vary from day to day.  The workouts are HARD and the mental strength needed to push through them is crucial.  Jess’ coaching coupled with the support and encouragement from fellow ‘Eliters’ is remarkable.  You won’t find anything like it any place else.

Love that Elite has its own space now and Jess is able to share her talent with more people but still keep the small group attention of her yard. Whether you are like me and have no athletic background or are a former or current athlete looking for a push, Elite is for you. You will walk out of “the little garage that could" feeling stronger, happier, accomplished, and resilient…. You walk out an athlete.

- Maria C.

Elite Training has provided me with all that I've been craving while managing my business and family. Core strength training fitted into intense workouts fit my demanding schedule. The dynamic training sessions continue to challenge my limits. Thanks Elite for enabling me to improve my physical and mental health!

- Tom G.

I was always an avid exerciser but never could stay with something for too long. I am naturally quick paced and easily bored! Once I found Elite Training with its high intensity and constantly changing workouts, I was hooked! I was VERY intimidated by it all initially --who wouldn’t be?--but once I jumped in I realized how much I had been missing by being afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Elite was what I needed to truly get in shape--the best shape of my life! It is the perfect combination of hard work, pushing beyond your limits and humility. The group motivation and encouragement inspires me to do better. I started at one day a week and now go everyday it’s offered. If you have met Jess or the athletes she trains you would understand why. And to have this locally is icing on the cake! It is without a doubt the best part of my day.

- Kendrya Close
Executive Director, Foodshed Alliance

Elite has changed my life. I thank God for an answered prayer for sending Jess and her talent my way. At first I could not do one walking lunge and now I do them with A LOT of weight over my head. I’ve lost over 40lbs and went from size 12 to a size 6. I have never felt stronger mentally OR physically! Thank you Jess and all the supportive athletes at Elite.

- Roseanne F.

I started doing Elite training with Jess after my fourth son was born.  I've always considered myself to be in pretty good shape as a runner combined with strength training.

Jess's Elite training dramatically increased my endurance and strength in a matter of weeks.  I saw results I had never seen in any other fitness program I had done. I've been able to maintain my fitness level throughout my current pregnancy with fantastic results.

I've always had significant aches and pains in my third trimester with my other pregnancies but this has been by far easiest, most comfortable and pain free pregnancy.  I know this smooth pregnancy is due to my pre-pregnancy Elite fitness level as well as maintaining it with Elite throughout my pregnancy. It's so inspiring to work with a group of strong women & men who cheer each other on and encourage you to push your limits far beyond what you think you can accomplish.  Jess is a fantastic trainer who tailors the workout to your fitness level while at the same time encourages you to do more because she knows you can!

- Amy W

This is addiciting! Wish I started sooner.  I have gained so much respect for Jess as a trainer and person watching her coach her Elite program.

- Pete Ricciardi
Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit L-1 Trainer

As  a former D-1 and professional athlete, I have known many coaches and programs. Jess’ Elite is a by far the best I’ve been a part of. As a coach, she is heads and shoulders above other trainers in both her knowledge of functional movement, energetic/motivating personality and most importantly her sincere care for athletes. She does all she can to get her athletes to be the best they can be. Some coaches are in it for themselves. Not Jess.  She is invested in every single one of her athletes. She loves watching her athletes do something they could not do the day before and celebrating their accomplishments with them (sometimes with champagne).

As a program, the WODs incorporate muscles I did not even know I had. I prefer the small group because it motivates me to do better than I would alone. I also like the measurable results--very rewarding to compare a time, score or weight to what I did only a month  ago and see your improvement.

Shift work and switching from nights to days every two weeks really takes a toll on my energy level and my attitude. Elite training coupled with Jess’ fitness and nutritional challenges gives me more energy, a better attitude (even if I was up all night the night before) and I am in better shape than I have been in years.

Lastly, working out with your spouse is great for a marriage and the competition does not hurt either!

- Kirk G.
--full disclosure-- I’m married to Coach Jess. Thank you, I love you, keep up the great work!