ELITE Training: Break out of your limits!

Be coached into the best shape of your life by our professional trainers.

Elite training varies functional movements at a high intensity level. Whatever your current fitness level, this will kick your body into the best shape it’s ever been in by combining strength, power and metabolic conditioning. Short and intense, this training class is for those who want an extra push! You can expect to see box jumps, weightlifting, pull ups, burpees, speed ropes, Kettlebell swings, and any other fun movement your trainer comes up with!

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Elite Shack, 12 Mohican Road Blairstown, NJ

Current Schedule:
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Classes added regularly. Class number is limited to provide proper coaching. If you don't see a time that works for you please email me


Please email us to find out!

Class Descriptions:

All new athletes to Elite Training must complete our fundamentals program. It is designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently and build your general fitness base to ensure you will be comfortable and successful in our ELITE WOD classes. This is a series of 4, 90 minute training sessions scheduled per small group or one on one. Pending successful completion (at coach’s discretion) of ALL 4 sessions you can move into our ELITE WOD small group classes. If you have experience with ELITE type training previously and don’t think you need fundamentals please contact Jess for the procedure to test out of our fundamentals program.


Start at any time and schedule at your leisure.

Requires a minimum of 2 athletes. Scheduled as needed per group. Athletes must attend ALL four sessions to successfully complete FUNDAMENTALS program.

PERSONAL TRAINING: (scheduled privately with a coach)
Please email me to schedule.
Not ready for small group training? NJ Fit Elite trainers will customize a workout that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals safely and quickly.

one on one (50 minutes)…
$65 per session, pay as you go
$60 per session, pre-paid 5 session package
$55 per session, pre-paid 10 session package

group of two or three (50 minutes)…
$75 per session total
(for larger groups add $25 per person)

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Our small group ELITE WODs combine calesthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting, running, kettlebells, barbells, speed ropes and pretty much anything else you can imagine into an infinite variety of workouts. You never know what you might get. These classes are intense, challenging, and will get you results!

This 45 minute class is fun and challenging for ALL levels! Join us for a unique group workout experience and get results you’ve never had before! BC involves functional movements such as squatting, jumping, pulling, and pushing without Olympic lifts and complicated barbell moves. We’ve put the Constantly Varied, Functional Movement and High Intensity of our small group WODs into a larger Boot Camp style class for an awesome workout anybody can do! In warmer months we take it outside for extra fun and fresh air. Bring your own mats.

10 class, 5 pass or drop in available on our registration page. BC passes can also be used for our Open Gym option.

If you are new to Boot Camp please click here to print our liability form and bring with you to your first class.


Have a specific workout in mind that you’re just DYING to try? Want to make something up that you missed? Want to work on a specfic skill or strength component? Open Gym is your chance to do that.

There is a need for quality coaching of movement and proper technique when it comes to teenagers and NJ Fit is excited to offer specific TEEN coaching to the Blairstown community! The right coaching will make a BIG difference in injury prevention, fitness level, athlete growth and results.

A small group (max of 6) strength & conditioning class for ages 13 + using constantly varied functional movement tailored to each teen's personal fitness level, mobility and strength. Class is suitable for those in competitive sports or those just seeking to increase their fitness level with a great workout. Teens can expect to do bodyweight exercises (ie. run, jump rope, push- up, squat and burpee) and use equipment such as plyometric boxes, kettlebells, wall balls and pull up bars. Simple barbell moves will also be incorporated. SAFE functional movement will be coached and mechanics stressed and monitored at all times.

Available in CLASS PASSES to work with the ever busy teen's schedule. Passes can also be used to take advantage of our Friday night open gym option.


New to Elite Teens? Click here to print our liability form and bring with you to your first class.

Join us for a fun and engaging 45 minute functional fitness class filled with games, sport drills and teamwork exercises!
Ages 7-12 (exceptions may be made for mature 6 year olds).

Mohican Banquet Hall Field
12 Mohican Rd. Blairstown, 07825

Email Jess for info about our current session!

New to Fit Kids? Click here to print our liability form and bring with you to your first class.


WHY does ELITE cost more than the gym down the street or other fitness classes?
In short, you get what you pay for. ELITE is a small group training facility NOT a group exercise class. Our CrossFit L-1 trainers are highly qualified and specialized in what they train. Our small group setting allows us to focus on our athletes in order to monitor form and intensity. More importantly we offer RESULTS plus a community and camaraderie that sets us far apart from your typical gym.

Our prices range from about $100 to $200 per month depending on commitment and length. You can do as little as 1 class per week or take as many as you want with our unlimited option. We offer class passes, monthly and yearly memberships so there is something that works for everyone! We don’t compete on price; we compete on quality, service, skilled professional coaching, commitment to our community, training and ELITE RESULTS.

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