Elite Training is committed to getting the best from our athletes! We combine superior training methods and coaches with a program that works for everyone from grandmothers to professional athletes. We are NOT your average health club or globo-gym that offers tons of various classes, lots of shiny new cardio machines, but no TRUE TRAINING. Our trainers don't stand in front of a crowded class dancing or kickboxing while you try your best to follow along. They also won't stand with a clipboard and count reps for you.

At Elite you are trained by a professional coach who knows how to teach movement--better movement, safe movement. We take pride in seeing you get results and work hard to get you there. We use broadly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity that is scalable for all levels of fitness. You will first learn mechanics, movements, function and form; from there we will up the intensity & weight- you will see results…no matter what level you come in at. It is not easy and doesn’t claim to be. It is hard work and it requires commitment, determination and consistency. The overall program optimizes physical competence in each one of the ten recognized fitness domains- Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. 





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NJ Fit Elite's mission is to develop character, confidence and community through fitness. We believe that everyone is an athlete and fitness is for all ages, shapes and sizes. We provide a local fitness community that will improve our athletes not just physically but also mentally. This community serves as the backbone for our training program. Our program focuses on functional and sound movement because we believe both contribute to a lifetime of health and wellness. We inspire our athletes to be the best they can be. We strive to have the best coaching for your time and money. We will continuously educate ourselves in areas of health, fitness & nutrition. We promote an atmosphere of support and encouragement within our community that allows athletes to reach and surpass their goals.