Is your ELITE Training the same as CrossFit? We also use functional movement executed at a high intensity level but run the WODs more like a personal trainer would run private/small group training. We are a small personal training facility. Our small coach to athlete ratio (1:4 average) allows us to truly focus on our athletes and help each of them improve and work on skills important to them. We are not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. We compete in local competitions and support local CrossFit boxes with their events.

Is ELITE Training co-ed? Yes! Since our owner, Jess, also runs women’s only Boot Camps through our sister program NJ Fit Mom, some may think Elite is also just for women. WRONG! Just ask the men who train with us.☺ Jess started Elite to offer a local co-ed program with a focus on functional movement and intensity.

Am I fit enough to do this? YES!  We start at the beginning — movements will progress from the relatively non-technical to more technical in our Fundamentals class. All workouts will be scaled as appropriate to the individual in question. Technique will be emphasized to ensure your safety and success. Mechanics then consistency then intensity! Please always let the coach know if you are experiencing pain or feel like anything is too much for you, and they will work with you to scale the workout as necessary.

How do I get started? First contact Jess for a free trial! Then you can register for our Fundamentals program.

What is Fundamentals?All new athletes to Elite Training must complete our fundamentals program. It is designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently and build your general fitness base to ensure you will be comfortable and successful in our ELITE WOD classes. If you have experience with ELITE type training previously and don’t think you need fundamentals please contact Jess for the procedure to test out of our fundamentals program. Visit our services page for more details on this program.

Will I be sore? Elite is an intense workout program, and it is common for participants to experience some soreness, fatigue, or discomfort. These experiences can occasionally seem extreme, especially if you have been inactive for a long period of time. Everyone is a little different even if they have approximately the same athletic background, so we can’t anticipate exactly how things will hit you. We do always try to scale things in a way that’s appropriate to each person’s ability level. Please let the coach know if things are feeling like they’re too much (or not enough) for you and we will adapt the workout!

How do I reserve a spot for a specific class? Once you complete Fundamentals and your membership starts you simply click on our reservable calendar and reserve a spot as early as 21 days prior to the class up to 8 hours before start time.

What if I can’t make my reserved class for illness or any other reason? Easy! Just cancel your reservation via the calendar and reserve another when you are able. Make sure you cancel so somebody else can use your spot and so you don’t lose a class from your package.

Is there a single drop in class rate? We offer a 10 class pass that can be used by any athlete who has graduated from our Fundamentals program. Due to the coaching/training aspect of Elite we feel it’s best to be on a regular schedule but for those whose schedule is highly irregular we have this option. We use a variety of moves, techniques and olympic lifts that improve with practice. The more consistently you train, the better the benefits.

Do you allow visiting athletes? Those with at least 3 months of similar training experience are welcome to drop in if room permits. Please email or call to check. We offer visitors their first class free; subsequent classes are subject to our normal membership rates.

Do you do personal training?
Absolutely. All of our coaches do personal training. See our services page for more info. 

Is there child care? We have a designated children's area with toys and a TV/DVD. Children are welcome to hang in this space while their parent(s) WOD. They cannot be outside the Shack unsupervised and absolutely may not play on the equipment for safety and liability reasons.

Do you run a kids/teens class? YES! NJ Fit Kids and Elite Teens. Please email if interested.

Are you hiring? We prefer to hire specifically from our community so I highly recommend that you head over and participate in some classes and get to know people!

What else should I know? See our Elite Etiquette to get an idea how we run things at the Elite Shack and be sure to check out our Membership policies.