1. Compare yourself to yourself. Focus on you! Comparing yourself to others is a stupid waste of time. Scale appropriately and proudly. Strive to be better than yesterday. Check your ego at the door because somewhere somebody else is stronger, better looking and warming up with your PR.

  2. If you're not early, you're late. Class start time is a START time. If you're late your heat cannot wait for you to warm up as much as they'd really like to sit around while you get your late a$$ act together. It is not safe to rush through warm up or miss progressions. If you need to tape, chit chat, use the bathroom, etc please come a few minutes early to do so.

  3. Respect your heat and other athletes. If you finish first, never walk out on your heat. Cheer, clap, encourage remaining athletes. You can learn a lot from watching others. Introduce yourself to new folks, offer assistance and encouragement. 

  4. We are coaches not personal trainers. Don't expect us to get your weights, put them away, count your reps, swipe your line, hold your hand, get you a tissue, call your mom. Learn to set up AND break down your own equipment. Erase your AMRAP line, stack boxes, put bars in the racks, stack the plates in order, hang up your jump ropes, etc. 

  5. Respect the equipment. Drop as a last resort. Drop out of necessity, NOT convenience.  Bumpers are designed for emergency dropping. If you cannot control your weight you are doing the wrong weight. Ten plates should NOT be dropped. NEVER drop an empty barbell, a kettlebell or a dumbbell. 100 burpees per occurrence. No joke. 

  6. Don't cheat.  No one cares what your score was. Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone, especially yourself. Be mindful of full range of motion, chins OVER the bar, WBs hitting the target. There is no excuse for shoddy reps.

  7. Effort earns respect, excuses do not. Work hard. Don't drag people down with a bad attitude and excuses. Positive words only in our Shack. Be optimistic, have fun, PUSH YOUR LIMITS and those around you to do better. Choose a level that will challenge you instead of ensure the fastest time.

  8. Keep our shack clean. Do NOT wear your dirty sneakers in our space. I REPEAT---do NOT wear your dirty sneakers in our space. We don't want to do burpees in everything you walked in all day. Disinfect equipment after use. Clean up all bodily fluids as well as scrap papers, band-aids, wrappers, etc. Chalk is messy, we get it, but clean it up after the WOD.

  9. Learn how to count. If you lose count, the next number is always 1 or the lesser of the two you are confused between. Numbers help to chart and measure growth. Learn how to do it or hire a professional.

  10. Children. Most of us have and we all love them! Kids are welcome to hang in our designated kid area. It is unsafe and distracting for them to be moving about the Shack during warm ups, WODS, or cool downs. Our equipment is HEAVY and expensive. Kids are NOT to play on the equipment. If your child is having an off day we ask that you leave and try a WOD another day.