ELITE Training started with 3-4 athletes who wanted an extra push to their usual fitness routine. As a CrossFit athlete and certified personal trainer, I started coaching them "for fun" in my yard with some makeshift equipment and pull up bars built by my handy husband. Shortly after, I became a CrossFit L-1 Trainer and NJ Fit Elite was born. Elite is private or small group training that varies functional movement at a high intensity level. As Elite evolved and our number of athletes grew, we spent a year sharing space and equipment from a local affiliated box. We added co-ed classes and began to build a reputation for our program, its energy and our one on one attention.

With the help of friends and family that believe in Elite Training we have evolved even further. We now have our own Elite Training Facility right in Blairstown that we affectionately call the "Elite Shack". Like our grassroots start in my yard, we continue to train only a small group of athletes at once and take pride in our small athlete to coach ratio. This allows myself and our other trainers to focus on individual athletes in order to assess their mechanics, intensity and safety as we coach them towards their personal goals.

Jess Griffin CrossFit L-1 Trainer, CPT, MA, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Favorite Move: Pullups
I need to learn to love: Wallballs

As a busy certified personal trainer and business owner, I was looking for a push in my own training regimen. I began CrossFit because I was getting bored with the monotony of my usual fitness routine and traditional gym. I also was looking for a “coach” to take my fitness to the next level. My first class I jumped on a box much higher than I thought possible and was hooked. I quickly fell in love with the program, the community, and the energy.

My belief in functional movement and passion for the sport led me to become a CrossFit L-1 trainer so I could share it with my fitness clients (and anybody else who would listen). I love watching my athletes grow and change through ELITE. Most start and have never cleaned a barbell, done a pull up or jumped on a box. Within a short time I witness them grow stronger as an athlete and a person as they begin to master the moves, increase their lifts, add more intensity and do things they never thought possible. I live locally with my husband Kirk and our three daughters (Madison, Avery and Ella) that all love to run, jump and do burpees, like mom!☺    

Mike Agens, CrossFit L-1 Trainer

Favorite move: Handstand Push Ups   
Needs to learn to love: Rowing

Coach Mike, always ahead of his time, started CrossFit in 2006 before it was the cool thing to do. He was first introduced to it by co-workers and began training with friends in a school gym. They wore out their welcome in a traditional gym so they gathered up some equipment, outfitted his brother's garage and continued their training. They even have a 20 ft rope climb in his yard. Talk about committed to the sport. 

In 2008, Mike got his L-1 and is an invaluable asset to the Elite Shack when his busy schedule allows. His day job has something to do with the state police and bombs so we'll just leave it at that. He lives locally with his wife, Shelly, their dog Diesel and two little mini Mikes.

Jessica Twomey, CrossFit L-1 Trainer, CPT, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Favorite move: Wall Balls
Needs to learn to love: Rings

Coach Jess has always enjoyed being active and was an avid distance runner for many years.  Becoming bored with the same training and basic fitness regimen, she stumbled upon NJ Fit Mom's Bootcamp, and soon after, ELITE training. She believes it has absolutely changed her life. Not only in finding a new career she is totally passionate about, but also in improving her physical body and state of mind.

Jess started Elite training and was barely able to complete push-ups without modifying to her knees. She now does them upside down on a wall! She enjoys her own continued growth as an athlete and as a Coach is truly dedicated to working with Elite's athletes to help them grow stronger and improve each day.

Kirk Griffin, CPT

Favorite move: I have no favorite, they all hurt
Needs to learn to love: Burpees

Coach Kirk comes to the Shack with a background in athletics. As a former Division-I collegiate and professional athlete, he has seen it all when it comes to coaches and programs. He started CrossFit three years ago in order to keep up with his wife-- who started about 6 mos prior-- and was instantly hooked. The camaraderie and natural competition of the group was similar to the team dynamic he was used to while playing organized sports and the results were far greater than anything he had done prior.

For a year, Kirk hung around the Shack helping many athletes with his “unprofessional” coaching opinions and cues. He became certified in the hopes of being paid for his professional knowledge. No such luck but we are fortunate that he continues to hang out at the Shack as both an athlete and now legitimate Coach.

Coach Josh, CrossFit L-1 Trainer

Favorite move: Wallballs
Needs to learn to love: Thrusters

When he came to us in fundamentals, Coach Josh was in the self-proclaimed "worse shape of my life." As an avid “weightlifter” of many years he was well versed in “pick it up, set it down” but he needed the thickest band to do a pull up, toes to bar seemed like an absolute impossibility, and a small set of burpees would leave him in the fetal position. He’ll be the first to tell you that Elite training not only helped him achieve that goal of “getting back in shape”, but it basically caused him to redefine his definition of fitness altogether. He believed in this new lifestyle so wholeheartedly and studied the movements so carefully that he decided to complete his Crossfit L-1 certification and begin coaching. When he’s not at the Shack, Coach Josh can be found teaching science at a local high school or walking his dog Emma on the Paulinskill trail with his wife Kristen.